Fuente de los Baños: Valencian gorge tucked away in the rolling hills of Alto Mijares offers kilometers of crystalline waters

September 2016


I’ve been here once. And at the time only had a crappy temporary mobile device. OK, my phone still blows, but we are going to buy a van and I swore I’d go back this summer (with a digi camera) so the pics will be improved.

We happened upon this spot at the very tail-end of summer. I’m sure this treasure is heavily trafficked during the peak warm months, but rest assured I will be back to give you the full report. It’s super kid friendly, so if that’s what you’re into. You need a car to get here. Once you’re close, there will be signs. This isn’t a secret or anything but still, Valencia is only a couple hours from us and nobody we know has been or heard of this wicked cool canyon.

Meet the River Mijares. This swimming spot is right near the Valencia-Aragón border, near the town of Montanejos. Bring snorkel gears and water shoes if you have them. You can go exploring up river through the canyon, and find some jumping rocks but mostly get away from the crowds.

I have heard great things about the surrounding area + I really wanna check out Parc Natural de la Serra d’Espadà which is nearby so, we’ll be back. And I don’t break a promise I’ve made twice in one blog post.



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