360º Views from Pico Salvaguardia in Posets-Maladeta Natural Park (Spanish Pyrenees)

October 2016: Posets-Maladeta Natural Park

Pico Salvaguardia is a super typical hike if you’re in and around Benasque. There’s a lot of human traffic, and the 360º views of the most legendary peaks and summits in the park are the culprits. THE VIEW IS EFFING SPECTACULAR. I can’t really think of a more epic place to eat a bocadillo. Or let loose your inner mountain Goddess poses all over the terrain. And the conditions of the hike aren’t so bad. 12 km +/- round trip if you start from the trail head at La Besurta (during high tourist seasons you must park at Llanos de Hospital and take the bus up) or add on another kilometer and a half if you wanna hoof it from the parking. The trail is pretty clearly marked the entire way up, and gain about 900-1000 meters in elevation depending on where you start from. The views are never terrible!

From the top you’ll see: Aneto (3404 meters, tallest peak in the Pyrenees, 2nd tallest on the Iberian Peninsula), Maladeta (3312 meters), Posets (3371 meters, 2nd tallest peak in the Pyrenees), Perdiguero (3222 meters), and SO. MUCH. MORE.

At around 2400 meters during your climb you’ll make it to “Portillón de Benasque”, this cut in the rock with direct views of a French lake called “Boums du Port”. It was once the principal trans-Pyrenean passage between the France n Spain.. Luchon and Benasque being the two nearest cities in France and Spain respectively. As with every explanation I try and wrap my head around in this continent, IT’S A LONG STORY.

Portillón de Benasque

Basically, it dates back to the 16th century. It wasn’t a natural passageway, and was used heavily during the Franco-Spanish war of 1635. I had to investigate these dates and upon doing so, and I swear I’m not making this shit up, according to wikipedia the war lasted 14 years and the result was: Inconclusive. WHAT IS WITH US HUMAN BEINGS?  Anyways, DUDES. Our ancestors used to have to cross mountain ranges with children and food and their portable homes on their backs. Sometimes I wanna cry when we wake up hellsa early and my valium hasn’t worn off yet and neither my body or my mind are down for a sunrise sweat. And I have fancy boots on!

This valley is unfortunately the furthest drive for us (within Aragón) and we barely make it up here on a normal weekend, but when we do, we’re never disappointed. Can’t wait to dig our heels into some of the neighboring peaks in Posets-Maladeta Natural Park.


Started from the bottom


Now we here


Eye on the prize. Salvaguardia peak is that rounded triangular beauty in the background!



Mi Oso + the blurred, yet majestic Aneto







French Pyrenean lake: Boms deth Ports






And then we had a brilliant idea…




K+J siempre


Aneto behind Maladeta..


Dame. Dame man, dame cerve, dame pintauñas.

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