¡HOT SPRINGS! in Arnedillo: a cute village in the wine country

Say no more.

Hot springs indubitably need no intro, no explanation, no hype.


Before  traipsing down for a dip in the not-so-rural hot springs of Arnedillo, we are instantly rewarded with panoramic views of this dainty Riojan village from atop the hill where we must leave our car parked on the windy mountain road. One can choose to dip toes or full-bod, though, if it is crowded (as most great joints tend to fill up with humans so it most likely will be), this could be a challenge. If you heed my motto of “fuck sleep, go on sunrise adventures,” you might just get the joint to yourself. In Spain, even the elderly respect decent sleeping hours.

There is a tourist trap next door (a spa, which also takes advantage of the thermal waters) but luckily for us, the greater part of Spanish culture appreciates free or low-cost shit.. for now.

I promise more photos in a very near future as my return is ever looming, however I wanted to get this post up because a friend of mine, (a badass sommelier with great taste for Spanish wine, and is valiantly lone-traveling the Peninsula & Canaries) just reminded me that she’d be in La Rioja and I remembered these hot springs. Visit Erin’s blog here.

See you soon!




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