Game of Thrones Tourism: Castillo de Zafra (Guadalajara)


Alas this post was to have been published on the Lord’s day* but here I am on a Wednesday evening watching the big fiery star drop down below the horizon, already thinking about the weekend I am. And perhaps our next Game of Thrones field trip. Remember that in my Bárdenes Reales post which dropped the same night as GOT Season 6 Ep.1, it was mentioned that probably over 50%** of the current and previous seasons were filmed around the Iberian Peninsula. Now, I had visited various castles, churches and backdrops from the filming of GOT before seeing it come to life in a whole new way through George R. R. Martin’s fantastical story telling. But most of the pictures have unfortunately not survived all the way to 2017.  Only one each from Peñíscola & San Juan de Gaztelugatxe with a shitty filter on my IG feed from a while back.

We recently enjoyed an impromptu afternoon picnic*** at Castillo de Zafra which in my house was thought to have been located in Extremadura, until last week of course.


It’s in Guadalajara, right down the road from el pueblo.. err, an hour and a half drive, but in good company with the new Residente album blasting, it’s but a blink of an eye away.

OK, so this castle stands alone in a landscape which instantly reminded Jorge and myself of the East Afrikan savanna. (We went on Safari with my soul sister Kendy & new brother Moses –our favorite Dar es Salaam locals– back in December of 2015).


Where my lionesses at?!


Epic rock formations I have yet to research.


So yeah cool shit, right? The weather kept changing on us until ultimately the electrical storm forced us outa there real quick. Here are more pictures. Come again soon!




Photog bends


Where Ned Stark’s sis gives birth to Jon Snow (allegedly) and then proceeds to die



nerding out
*The only cock and balls worth worshiping, fictitious or for realz: John Snow
**Not scientifically proven with any data of any kind
***A picnic was planned and prepared, however an impromptu, GOT-like summer storm caught us off guard thus forcing us to slice meat and cheese on the sweaty car ride home

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