Pico Mondoto & Cañón de Añísclo: legendary hike with year-round accessibility (Spanish Pyrenees)

Here’s the view you get from Mondoto Peak, which stands at 1962 meters tall.

From the precipice, it feels as though the canyon is going to swallow you whole. The contrasts and depth of the canyon are mesmerizing but also a little dizzying/terrifying. You get stunning views of the summit of Monte Perdido (and Cilindro de Malbore and Añisclo, the trio of peaks is also known as “las Tres Sorores”). Monte Perdido is one of the most well-known peaks in the mainland, it stands at 3355m and is the 6th tallest peak in the country.

Las Tres Sorores: Cilindro, Monte Perdido & Añísclo


At 2 meters tall, sometimes even Jorge feels tiny in this world 🙂


That canyon! Those peaks! My man! These views!

In general I don’t like to classify hikes, because everyone has different limits. Easy, hard, difficult… it’s all pretty subjective. Plus there are so many other factors like: clothing choices, whether you took a sleeping pill the night before (me, everytime), how hangry you are, the weather, your muscle memory, your motivation level that day, etc etc etc. Having said that, Mondoto is but a stroll. It’s a very casual and subtle uphill walk, if you will. Even with snow it’s doable for most anyone. And look how happy you’ll be once you make it!


A few Christmases ago, Jorge, his brother-in-law Antonio & cousin José took my Father and 2 brothers up to Mondoto. They didn’t take me. I was sad. So Jorge took me a few years later. Same sparkling sunshine, same beautiful views.

Cameron (twin brother), Dave (father) & Caleb (older brother)

As long as the heavy fog and low clouds don’t settle in, the views are endless and worth the climb, every time. I’d go back. And probably will. 
We started the hike out of Nerín pueblo. The start of the trail is clearly marked. I wish I were there. At this very moment I can’t think of a better picnic spot. If I had that magic
dust that Harry Potter travels with, I’d go straight to Nerín right now. Well first I’d go get snacks. Melon or salami? I dunno. Both. And then I’d go to Mondoto.

Things I’d def do if I had a…

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