Anento Village (Province: Zaragoza)

When you Google search “Anento,” the first two results suggest that it is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.


For a town of 101 persons, that’s quite an accomplishment, but also seems like a lot of work for the residents; the upkeep and maintenance of all the flowers and perfectly swept streets has its workload but the natural landscape plays a big role in earning the title of “uno de los pueblos más bonitos de España.” In fact, the panorama is quite similar to my own pueblo; a delightful spread for the eyes of high desert dry hills spotted with greens and red clay land formations.



We recently took a field trip with some friends. It’s a super kid and dog-friendly hiking area. There’s a big castle. And a turquoise pond, which is surrounded by icicles in winter. What more could you want out of a field trip?






Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we prepared an epic picnic.


We did the short hike down to the pond, and back to the town park for snacks.

From the above the village, where atop the hill sits the castle, you can keep walking along the rim of the mini-mountain surrounding the pueblo. And get a bird’s eye views of the village like this one.

Picnic is always my number one option, but I have to say the town restaurant was curious looking. Local art plastered up and down the walls and a waiting list to eat lunch that was backed up to the main road. It’s called El Horno, and I bought some locally made lavender honey for 6 euros and it was a fantastic purchase.


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