Cola de Caballo, Valle de Ordesa

Maybe one day we will be parents. The idea of family hiking is so dreamy. Except at this very moment I’m stoked it’s only just the two of us at home. I’ve got the flu. I’m going to jump to the technical info and photographs on this one because I can’t muster the brain energy for deep reflection or picnic ideas.

Route: 10 km out and back
Elevation gain: 440 m

It’s a casual stroll of sorts, and here is everything you will encounter on your voyage through the most beautiful meadow and canyon:

Five waterfalls!

A spectacular meadow!

A beech forest!

cola de caballo ordesa pyrenees
My favorite photo of my favorite mountain goat ❤

You can’t take a terrible photo here.

And remember that in high visitor season (April to October) you must take the bus up. You cannot park in the “pradera” or meadow parking which is the starting point for almost many a hike out of Ordesa (one of our most fave Spring/Autumn hikes also departs from this valley, see “Faja de las Flores.”) The bus can be caught from the visitor center in Torla, it’s right off to the side of the road, you can’t miss it.

ordesa canyon valley cola de caballo pyrenees
Ordesa Canyon & Valley
cola de caballo waterfall ordesa pyrenees
And if you see this in person, you’ve reached your goal! The end of the valley rewards you with this spectacular waterfall: “cola de caballo”


cola de caballo ordesa pyrenees waterfall




waterfall ordesa pyrenees
¡Viva el agua!




waterfall ordesa pyrenees
Not a bad view in site..




ordesa pyrenees cola de caballo meadow
Jorgete’s fave animal. To look at, and to eat.





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