Turquoise swimming hole in the middle of….

High desert living is sometimes a challenge.

In summer we have 12-14 hours of daylight and about 22.5 hours of skin-melting heat.

It’s during these months when I miss the crisp mountain air the most. And sleeping with a blanket. Or sheet even.

We installed an inherited AC unit in our living room this year. But in my household, each of us is what Spaniards might call a “culo inquieto” which is to say our rumps are somewhat restless. We like to be on the move. Adventure. And sport is out of the question from June to September, so we picked up swimming laps at the pool. If you are a pool person, this is awesome for you. I am a pool person.. if it’s my own private pool, on my own private land, next to my own private ranch house. We are saving up for one, so until then we are left with one option: community pool. I’ve temporarily given up on doing laps until school starts* because, ugh, kids.

*EHHHHEEMMMM AMERICANOS LISTEN UP! School starts in mid-September here. Fucking rad, right? Don’t you miss the days when Labor Day marked the end of summer and commencement of the school year.

Anyways, Jorge works for the AVE (high speed train) and is on call every other week. Which means our adventuring is limited to 2 weeks a month. Or local ramblings during on-call weeks, but only where there is cell service, which if you’ve ever been to rural Spain is sometimes as hopeless as wishing that Obama could magically be our President again.


Alas, we do have a swimming hole nearby (albeit a 40 min drive, but it’s worth it, especially at sunset). A waterfall that literally pours from nowhere –seriously we have no idea where it comes from. This nook is like a high-desert oasis with a turquoise pool that needs no IG filters. Sometimes there are a lot of bros and sometimes there’s no one else there. There are always mosquitoes at dusk. It’s hidden behind a grove of big trees, just outside of the town of Bijuesca which is home to 109 inhabitants. And the last time we were there I recorded the coordinates because, I don’t know how else to explain to the internet trolls how to get there.

N 31º32.5344′
W 001º55.3244′

Well that’s bullshit. I just copied and pasted that into Google and it sent me to Algeria. If you have a Garmin, try plugging it in? How irritating.

Anyways I took pix too, so you’re in luck!

This is your entrance to the watering hole. Let your ears guide you from here…


sucking in that vacay gut!



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