Camino de San Esteban de Pravia: take a stroll along the Asturian coastal cliffs

san esteban de la pravia asturias
From the Atalaya overlook

Beach days for me have always been somewhat sacred. And as far as I’m concerned there are three different kind of beach goers: The conversationalist, the playful clown, and the person that doesn’t want to do a god damn thing.  I go to read, sleep and dig holes in the sand with my toes. These 3 activities happen while I’m laying down. Not entertaining anyone’s gossip agenda, and not cursing someone because I’ve had to answer for the 100th time that NO I DON’T WANNA PLAY FRISBEE.

With any other geographical landscape yes I’ll bike, yes I’ll climb, yes I’ll row. But my beach time is sacred. Let me do nothing in peace.


I married a “culo inquieto.” I’m actually somewhat of a person who can’t sit still either, however I do appreciate my scarce alone time to ponder, plan and read. My partner not so much. He brings one of those enormous IKEA bags FULL OF TOYS TO THE BEACH. Also, he’s 35 years old. And we don’t have kids. It makes me wanna cry. And maybe just have kids so he has someone to play with.

So during one of our first beach trip together, our relationship met one of its many challenges. I had to strike a compromise. I had to get my ass off the sand and “play.”

Here’s what happened: We went to Peñíscola with my cousin and a good friend of mine from California. Both randomly visiting at the same time. No one wanted to play with Jorge. I love him (and legally bound myself to him) so I gave in. 5 minutes into shore-side paddle ball, I jumped up to return the hit and on my way down, landed on a sea urchin. I STEPPED ON A FUCKING SEA URCHIN. Long story short, Jorge carried me piggy back all the way to the apartment, we soaked my foot in hot water, I drank an entire bottle of wine and, equipped with a needle and tweezers, somehow managed to get all those spikes out of the bottom of my right foot.

Jorge now let’s me read and nap at the beach.


But sometimes we stroll. This is a nice compromise that I like very much. Apart from napping at the beach, Asturias is a great place to cliff-side stroll. Here’s a route I recommend:

Start here: Mirador del Espíritu Santo, in San Esteban de la Pravia coastal village. And then just keep going. You’ll hit many other overlooks (like this one) and get some epic views + have an epic picnic.

Views from Alto de las Llanas.

As I remember correctly, the overlooks all have beach access with paths that lead you down.

asturias san esteban de la pravia
On our way down to one of the secluded beaches



It will eventually take you to Playa de Aguilar where we got some bocadillos from the Bar Nautico before heading back to San Esteban. Round trip it’s approximately 12 kilometers. And a perfect way to spend your morning.

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