A modest and extremely accesible “tresmil” with epic views of Ordesa/Monte Perdido: Pico Robiñera (3004m)

pico robiñera

Our last Fall-ish hike of the year. We snuck Pico Robiñera in literally the day before our first big snow fall. HALLELUJAH. These Pyrenean canyons, ravines, gullies and valleys are in dire need of a healthy blanket of frozen H20.

I slept great the night before, no stress or worry. We got a late start, ate a leisurely breakfast. After all, it was going to be a short 9-kilometer round trip hike with a mere 1100m+ total ascent. Plus we woke up to golden rays of sunshine and temperatures way above the expected freezing conditions we had prepared for.

I shouldn’t have been so fucking relaxed. I did my body a disfavor by not mentally preparing correctly, and I suffered hard. Plus the weather conditions changed drastically at 2500 meters and the cold, looming winter winds almost knocked my broken spirit down the rocky mountain. I read just a few days ago that the most important tool when heading out to the mountains is your head. Your state of mind is basically the only thing that can get you up and back on the hardest of hard days. Not the energy bars, not a good night’s sleep, and not perfect weather conditions. Jorge’s patience helped a lot too. And seriously, bless this body for helping get my head in a good space. Literal “step-by-step” lesson reminder.

We left the car at “Pietramula” and started up. The trail is marked almost the entire way up by a path and cairns.

The morning tricked us, it was sunny, warm and not a single gust of wind.

An hour and a half into the hike, the cloud cover came ripping in. Then the sky would open up every now and then and allow for the most magnificent lighting for photographs. It was a fantastic distraction to the rocky terrain laying out before us.

Then we were at the foot Pico Robiñera’s crest.

Once you make it up this wall of slate, you’ll get to hop along the crest all the way to Robiñera. We had very limited visibility during this portion of the hike. Zero visibility towards France.

Luckily, the Universe and the great Goddesses opened up their heavens and gave us a glimpse of the land below and just a sliver of visibility of Monte Perdido & Ordesa National Park in the distance.



Unfortunately, when we actually summited Robiñera, a blanket of clouds completely covered us. But we snuggled into a shelter, drank tea, drew on some rocks and took a selfie:

A few more photos, the light was incredible.

North face vs. south face

pico robiñera
Jorge stands tall above the Lagos de “La Larri” or “La Munia”
And time to head down! We found a cave to eat some snacks, video chatted with my Dad in California (cuz there’s 4G atop almost every peak in the Pyrenees, wtf seriously!?) and hopped down in less than two hours.


We got to enjoy just a few more rays of sun before saying goodnight to the last Autumnal views of our cherished mountain range… next time it’ll be white AF!

Goodnight little goats.

Download the GPX Track here: Pico Robiñera




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