Soy Karlita.

What’s up world? It’s currently the year 2018. I’m an American expat living in España.

I’m homesick but also really like it here.


31 years ago I entered the world (right behind my twin bro).

11 years ago I came to Spain for the first time and studied in Barcelona for a year.

9 years ago I returned with a grant to teach. I did that for three consecutive years. When the Spanish Ministry of Education didn’t wanna host me anymore, I got a for reals job.

I also married a Spaniard.

Despite the fact that most of my contacts in the US think I’m on permanent vacation over here, I actually just kinda exist in a life of adult routine (work, gym, happy hour) but I’m having a hard time sitting still.

My favorite adventure buddy and I like being outdoors. We’ve both been athletes and casual hikers our whole lives. Our love for each other and for the mountains morphed into serious hiking and now we are trying out mountaineering. It’s terrifying and exhilarating. And fucking great for my Instagram feed.

Are you an expat in Spain too?

Holler at me if you wanna connect! Or hike! Or if you’ve got questions about:

  • hiking in the Pyrenees
  • a solid chocolate chip cookie recipe that’d make your Grandma proud
  • how to navigate Spanish bureaucracy bullsh*t
  • Auxiliares de Conversación program
  • Driving in Spain (for long-term visits)
  • Being a vegetarian or vegan while in Spain
  • Spanish (the language)

Plus literally whatever you want. Human connection is rad.